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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Сайт визитка

Сайт Визитка ЖитомирWebsite visiting card - a website with a small number of pages and the structure consisting of one level. On this site you can add information about the company, its services, products and prices, as well as necessary contact information and price lists.

Website Directory

Сайт каталог Website Directory - a large number of pages and the structure with sections and kategoriyami.Osnovnym purpose of this site is favorable view of its catalog of products and services. Creating such a site saves time employees of the firm on conversations with customers, and money to print price lists and catalogs.

The corporate Website

Корпоративный сайт Corporate Site - consists of hundreds of pages with complex structure, it is unlimited number of levels and pages. At this site contains information which is necessary for customers and employees. Creating a corporate website will allow us to optimize their business processes and effectively communicate with the network clients.

The Internet shop

online_shop_1 The Internet shop is the site grinded for sale of the goods or services through the Internet. By means of such site it is possible to sell the goods, not having really shop with counters, sellers and constitutions.
Advantage of such shop is that it has no geographical borders and in it it is possible sitting to buy on a workplace all necessary and not necessary too.