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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Choosing an ISP in Zhitomir

Informed choice of Internet provider is a key quality and reliable service on the Internet. Think about choosing a provider, it should be beforehand, but as the choice of a wife or a dental technician, then to not be taken by surprise when the problems begin. Although there are times when good providers are bad and vice versa. For example when I had internet service provider Beeline, I was quite satisfied with everything, but after they fell into the hands of a network of Kyivstar, the problems began. One of them at one point stopped working within a network-tracker Den, like nonsense, one more one less rubbish except the fact that now I have a one hundred megabit connection, which I can not use it. It happens, and vice versa provider learns from its mistakes and make their services more accessible and better graphic example ISP MyLan Plus.

Here are the basic criteria that should be followed when choosing an ISP in Zhitomir?

Cost of services - one of the most important selection criteria. However, there may arise such moments - starting from the payment amount, the person forgets some important points. Man gets "low-skorosnoy" Internet outages in communication and lack of technical support.

Data transfer rate - a favorite way to fool the customer. Such suggestions as "1 Gbit / s almost free" is often misleading beginners. In fact, it says here about the overall capacity of the communication channel. This rate of equipment which is divided into everyone who is connected to it, but even if you work for yourself, can still be a problem with that that would take at least a hundred megabits. Therefore you need to look not at the rate of crossing the channel, and the tariff plan.

Tariff plans. Any provider typically there are several tariff plans.
Now you can see what is on the similarity:

    Speed - the price
    mene popular volume taken - the price
    but you can find such a speed - the price, and then usually in small print is this: when downloading 10 gigabytes of data rate is 512 Mb / s. In the latter case, the person may not pay attention to this text and receive a rate several times smaller than claimed.

Some stupidly underestimate the speed with no explanation, and when they meet the call did not know that it may be, may be something with Windows or a virus picked up.

Availability of services. Imagine a situation where the Internet is lost on the floor of the day, I had a case when there was not a week. How to be in this situation, if the contract does not envisage that the provider must guarantee a fixed time, access to the Internet, the hell knows. So take a look at what is written there. All the problems of access, which is responsible for internet service provider, they must be removed within a specified period of time and free of charge. Customer shall be compensated by the amount of time during which there was no Internet. All of this should be spelled out in the contract.

Type of Internet connection - quite an important factor that you should pay attention. A phone, it makes sense to use the Internet only when there is no alternative, such as in the private sector. The most convenient is by far the dedicated fiber optic line - This technology ensures high-speed data transmission, and requires no additional equipment.

Visit the sites of ISPs. As a general rule in apartment buildings have a choice of several providers. Examine proposals, conditions and prices, as well as the availability of additional services to all Internet service providers. By comparing the data, you can make an objective decision.

Reviews of providers. Be sure to check reviews of providers that serve your sector. In Internet forums enough as it is possible to inquire about it with friends.

I guess there are no ideal providers who and speed, price and reliability high. But after weighing all the pros and cons you can decide what is more important.