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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

The price of a site, cost of works on creation of sites in Zhitomir.

Создание сайтов Житомир There is an opinion, that the price for services should be economically proved for the client, only in that case, at a present competition, it is possible to count on a recognition in the broad audiences.
Some cunning, children use the market approach and establish approximately, depending on paying ability of the client, others bend simply improbable figures, heavy times, unless it is possible them венить for it.

Here for many a familiar situation: you Come to shop, in general price lists are not present, or not everywhere is that practise, probably more often because if at all is not present, can leave, and so there is a chance to heat up though on what that. Everyone wish to earn, but not everyone wish to work, from it where to not get to.

To avoid mutual suspicions I give below a general list of services, with rates:

Name Cost
Design (template) 300
Placement of content (pages) 20
Selection of content (pages) 30
Photo Gallery 200
News 100
Feedback Form 100
Product catalog 500

I would like to draw your attention to the fact that: I suggest the real cost of high-end work. It so happens that most of all I appreciate the time and money to their own and others, on this basis and predlagayuopravdanuyu value of their work, and sometimes an understatement, but the result is thus always live up to expectations.

What kind of site you need

Most likely you are a professional in the area in which work, confident that you have something to talk about their business, and it's wonderful. It so happened that because of my work has more or less regularly to study a variety of information. In order to arrange a site, you need orientirovatsya what happen and what is the one or the other. In developing the site in Zhitomir budget is no longer needed, since the mega portals in the style of hard for me to imagine. A list of options can be viewed here.

This information is provided in order to introduce to you what would have been easier to make a decision. However, if you wish to read and study it you can omit this personal conversation will help you quickly to explain everything.