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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Монтаж компьютерных сетей Житомир

Installation of computer networks Zhitomir

Монтаж компьютерных сетей ЖитомирUnlike the large companies, the price of installation of a network and the quality assurance of its work favourably differ. For me each client is important and long-term attitudes it is more important than a fast profit.
Therefore I try to receive an attention not only to performance of the project, and and the subsequent cooperation in rendering assistance on support, whether it be execution of guarantee certificates or послегарантийное service.
Trusting me the computer network, you receive the highly skilled partner capable operatively to respond and solve any problems. Easier to help advice too always it is ready. Installation of computer networks in Zhitomir will not make special work if it is necessary, it is possible and to leave in other cities.

Stages of expansion of a network

Network planning

The network is designed on the basis of the information which has been received from the client. The given information can be provided both in written and in the oral form. Well if there is an availability of plans of a finding of workplaces in cabinets.

Object inspection

Once it was the technical project to mount a network, conducted a survey of premises in which the planned installation of a computer network in order to clarify the terms of reference and selecting the right materials for the installation. As a result of technical specifications for network deployment, having studied the features of an object prepared a draft network installation and the necessary estimates. Selected the necessary network equipment.

Mounting the cable routes include:
  • Mounting a flush;
  • mount outdoor channels;
  • Mounting boxes on the wall;
  • Mounting lines of the premises;
  • Mount a metal or wire trays above a suspended ceiling;
  • Mounting the mines in the intercommunication ceilings;
  • Drilling holes in the walls;
  • Mounting runs under plasterboard.
  • Mounting a corrugated or plastic pipes;
Cabling consists of the following steps:
  • Tracing the cable - an assembly consisting of bundles labeled cables the correct length
  • Mounting the cable to the appropriate paths (boxes, trays, tubes)
Mounting socket consists of stages:
  • Mounting socket at the connection point
  • Connecting the computer and telephone wires
  • Marking outlets on the basis of documentation
Mounting a network closets and server rooms include:
  • Layout and installation of wall or floor cabinets;
  • Монтирование органайзеров и кабельных желобов;
  • Mounting cross blocks, patch panels;
  • Mounting ventilation equipment;
  • Switching nodes SCS and marking.
  • Mounting and adjustment of the active equipment;
Examples of successful installation in Zhitomir
  • ТОВ "Профполиклиника"
  • ВАТ "Автозапчасть"
  • ВАТ "Ощадбанк"