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Tuesday, Oct 23rd


PO_Development In fact any organization which uses computers, sooner or later comes to that that special-purpose program maintenance becomes a part of its technological process. Development of programs under the order - one of basic my directions.
Usually it is more favourable to buy a ready product but if such is absent or not at all meets requirements, the order of the exclusive decision not избежен.
In development and introduction of software products I am engaged for more than a decade and for this time, some methods allowing effectively have collected to automate various technological processes, thus cost of my services remains enough not high.

There is an experience of development of decisions in such areas

  • Banking
  • medicine
  • real estate


  • automated information systems
  • Internet-oriented system
  • information processing system using a database
  • Automating Business Processes


  • PHP  is the most popular programming language for creating dynamic Web sites.
  • Delphi software development environment that uses a programming language Object Pascal. Intended for developing applications with graphical user interface for Microsoft Windows.
  • C++ Builder tool for rapid application development system that is used by programmers to write programs in C + +.

Database Management Systems

  • PostgreSQL - free object-relational database system with high performance and reliability.
  • Oracle -Paid database is used for systems with high loads and to create a highly stable systems
  • InterSystems Caché - post-relational object database that provides unlimited opportunities for Web-delivered solutions as well as client-server systems.
  • MySQL - free database that is primarily used for applications written in PHP
  • Firebird - compact, cross platform, free (DBMS).