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Tuesday, Oct 23rd


Linux Legality of used programs plays the increasing role in success of business and it is the truth. It was no secret that use of the illegal software contradicts the law of Ukraine.
And more recently in the legislation there were variations, and now in use piracy software can institute criminal proceedings, in other words plant, and is most easier do responsible the commercial organizations.
Not still those who met with the inspector on intellectual property rights know about it, however, have understood all completeness and many-sided nature of this question.

Legalization of the software can be divided into some stages. For the beginning it is necessary to define the list of the necessary software.
To analyse and pick up its free analogues. I offer a version of optimum legalization — the greatest possible introduction of the open (free) programs. As a rule it is operational system Linux and office package OpenOffice, there are operating time with 1С accounting department.


I offer some package deal on legalization of your software:

  • audit of all your software
  • selection of free analogues that are suitable to the tasks of the company
  • training personnel to work with these programs

Legalization of a standard computer costs 300 hryvnia. For example, one copy of Microsoft Windows is 700, and to her office and still need an antivirus program.

The cost of consultations on the work of the new software - remotely 100 $ per month.