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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

The main focus of my work is the creation of the software under the order. In addition to software development can offer other services.
In this section you can find a list of services that I offer. The section describes only the highlights, in fact, this list could be a few more.
To clarify the exact details of any service can be from the "Contact Us ".

Website development

Создание сайтов ЖитомирIf it is necessary for you to create a site or it to untwist, address to me, will not regret. I offer cooperation on progress of your business by means of creation, promotion and progress of a site of your company, as well as development and carrying out of processes of the mutual understanding directed on achievement and confidence with the public.


Installation of computer networks

Монтаж компьютерных сетей Житомир One of many directions of my activity is design and Assembling of computer networks of any level of complexity.
Quality of performance by us of works is defined by availability of skilled experts and a huge operational experience in this direction.

Software Development

PO_Development Development of application software, according to individual requirements and conditions of the client, is invariably one of the favorite aspects of my work.
Details section.                                                             

Legalization of the software

Linux Legalization software is a refusal the use of "piracy" programs and transition on проприетарное the software which is not accompanied by licenses for use of the program, or them does not require.

Installation of video surveillance

Видеонаблюдение Житомир To date, video surveillance is a necessary component of every security system. At the heart of any system of video surveillance cameras lie, its main component. I suggest not so much selling, as the installation of video surveillance at key in very favorable term.