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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

In this section of my projects done on C + + Builder or Delphi.K projects included the source code of programs and databases dannyh.Vse focused on running in Windows. To build the appropriate development environment, it must be pre-installed all the necessary components.
Sources can help beginners better capture the essence of programming, and profesianalam quickly solve their task, the presented projects carried out simply in order to take them razobratsya. If you have any difficulties will be glad to help.
There are no translations available.

Serial File Manager

RS485Программа для управления компьютером через COM порт (RS485) или по протоколу UDP.
Прием и передача файлов запуск программ и удаленное редактироние файлов.

There are no translations available.

Tux Commander DBMM Edition

tuxcmd Обновленная версия файлового менеджера Tux Commander для Linux. Внесены изменения которые позволят более комфортно работать в программе.  Программа распространяется исходным кодом инструкция по установке прилагается.

Joomla Commander

JoomlaCommanderTwo panel manager for the CMS Joomla. Allows you to copy content, categories, sections, modules and menus between two Jumla, only copies the data from the database MySQL.

Admin for OS Commerce

oscommerce_logo Administrative module for online shop osCommerce, under Windows. Administrative module for osCommerce online store is designed as a graphical application for Windows, the main emphasis is on working with a catalog of products and exports. To work shop wants to install, ftp access and database access  .

Jabber client

jabberlogo A simple Jabber client based on the component of the package TipwXMPP IP Works. Implemented the minimum necessary functions to send and receive messages and skins. May be useful as an example to work with TipwXMPP.