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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

ToolBar for cxGrid

NavigatorThe component is a hybrid of two components TDBNavigator and TToolbar. As a matter of fact it is overloaded TToolbar in which it is possible to specify TDataSet which records it and will supervise.
The specific character of behaviour TDBNavigator, all the basic possibilities and some specific, for example global search on all fields in connected TDataSet is realized.
In the complete set there is analogue TPopupMenu with a similar overload. The component can be clinged on cxGrid in this case operation of removal processes option Multiselect (removal of the allocated lines).

The component is maybe useful to those at whom in the project the significant amount of tables is used, its use will allow to reduce costs to copying of the basic operations, in difference from TDBNavigator on buttons it is possible to put the pictures and to overload their behaviour if it is necessary.

The current version of the project was developed under Delphi 2007 for use in other versions of the medium, you must:

  • Create the package (File-> New-> Package Delphi).
  • Add to it all files with the PAS.
  • Make Install

After there will be bookmark ZX Components to add on Wednesday a way to a folder in which the package has been kept.