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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Cache Dataset

datasetTwo components for C + + Builder 6 that implements SQL query through CacheObject, in habitual users of Delphi a manner similar to TQuery. It is possible to transfer data to all the controls that work with TDataSource: lattice, the components of reports and the like. Works with subordinates and dataset parameters. By default, all fields are created with the type and length ftString 150, it is possible to override this behavior by modifying the properties DetermineFieldsTypes. If set to True, all numeric fields recognizes as ftFloat, remaining as ftString.

To determine the types of fields using its own server process GetColInfo class is attached. Unlike TQuery Fetcham anything even if the fields are unacceptable from the standpoint of TDataSet types.

Acceptable execution speed, 15 000 records 16 columns no more than 6 seconds.

The second component is made on the basis of TFactory TDataBase.

For work package must be installed rxLibrary.