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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

Why does he need and what should be

What for the site is necessary?

    1. Simply that was, as, it is at others. And it is not important, whether it will visit. Than older the site it costs to those more, there are auctions for old sites, some kind of the investment.
    2. It is prestigious.
    3. For attraction of the target audience, the certain group of persons which will visit your site.
    4. For reception of profit.
    Using it as an advertising platform of XXI century — the Internet. For increase of sale of the goods or services, for example.
    5. Savings of time for an explanation to the client than I am engaged and than my services it is better.
    6. The card, mine in this case.

      What is necessary a site?

      Everyone wants, to see the site beautiful, stylish, thus that was quickly loaded, and that there was a high attendance. As a rule it would be desirable something, strongly pronounced. Modern technologies allow to receive any level of interactivity and convenient viewing of materials by the user, thus speed of development rather high.


      Most likely the site all the same is necessary.
      Users the Internet becomes every year more and more. Progress of TV (50-60 years) with the Internet now, it simply incomparably. The Internet can be carried to mass-media, and an audience of the last much more qualitative. Do not lose an advertising platform.