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Tuesday, Oct 23rd

What are sites?

What are sites?

1. "Dead" sites, "plaques", so-called internet business cards. These sites the most. They consist of several pages where general information about the company, a couple of photos, contact numbers and E-mail address. Well, if so, in most cases, half of the pages on the eternal reconstruction. If you want to look at such sites, the search engine Yandex, try to find the word "sorry" ...

2. Information (thematic sites or portals) - carry information (and may be exhaustive) of some domain. This online newspaper, blogs, magazines and various books, manuals on all topics, ranging from borsch recipe, finishing site NASA.

3. "Useful" - information sites, which also helps, Internet Services ... For example - the interpreters, which can translate a word, the text in another language. It is a site on which something can count, calculate, check. This is the same free-mail, search engines, sending SMS to all the world ... CellPhones etc.

4. Online stores (the name says all). Here you can buy something without coming out from behind the computer. Very convenient way. Just do not lose money if you buy abroad :-)

5. Dating sites (there are so many that can be attributed to a separate class) as well as social networks. Here you can find your half, or other orientation can and the whole "life" ... There are also serious portals (closed to registration or even paid) for example

6. Entertainment (gaming, entertainment portals) - the sites content which consists of a variety of entertainment information (and may be empty). Here are pictures (even erotic) stories - funny, sad, and scary (stupid) jokes, horoscopes and all like that. Also, chats and online games (even a casino), and parties informals and insane :-)

7. "Evil" sites (made unkind people, Internet terrorists and maniacs for maniacs). It supports all sorts of viruses and spam, child pornography sites and of different sects evil force that is and it very much. At such sites it is better not to fall, and nothing there to click.