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Wednesday, Nov 14th

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Serial File Manager

RS485Программа для управления компьютером через COM порт (RS485) или по протоколу UDP.
Прием и передача файлов запуск программ и удаленное редактироние файлов.


Zhytomyrski developers of sites have already proved themselves in the global market for creating sites as the most reliable. Cost of such sites is much lower than the cost of the same sites of European manufacturers. Sites designed in Zhitomir suitable for the most demanding customer sites. Buying Zhytomyr development, the Ukrainian consumer provides invaluable benefits to society, it fills the pride in the value it has made for strengthening the industry, site development, and the money in his pockets at the same time remain almost intact.

This summer, we develop sites at a discount. Hurry to order the site until September of this year! Our company - a leader in the field of manufacturing sites.

Good day, dear visitor! My name is Bogdan, I am developing websites and software in Zhitomir. You have got to where you can order the creation of a site in Zhitomir for companies that are worldwide.
Recently, site development takes up most of my time, because the Internet is increasingly part of people's lives. As Bill Gates said: "If you're not on the internet - you do not have anywhere else. "

For what is needed site? I need it then to let people know about where you can order website. You - is likely then that your company know your potential customers. This will significantly increase your revenues and increase the rating as you open your office - of the worldwide web. I think that site - it's not just a business card, but your face.

A few words about my site. During its existence the site several times changed, the name he got from the project DBMM, as was originally planned as a platform for his place, now it's my blog and business cards. On the site you can find all the interesting projects that were designed by me, as well articles on information technology, as my main activity is the development of sites and programs. I wrote all the necessary information on the development site. Just can not help in promoting the sites and attract the target audience for your information. More detailed information about the development of sites can be found in the services section.
In addition to developing sites in Zhitomir there are many options: for example, video surveillance in Zhitomir is developing very rapidly, installation of networks is not less popular, but the number of orders in this direction has decreased somewhat.

I hope the site will be useful and interesting for you!




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